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January 30, 2019

Feminin small rose gold watch with natural stone dial

The Amesbury Collection
A natural healing Stone Collection from OWL Watches



Need a bit off stress relief, how a bit of calmness or even a little more love? Then the New Amesbury Collection may just be for you.

I'm very excited to bring a more in-depth first sneak preview of the Amesbury collection and tell you a little bit more about the watches, and the inspiration behind them.

'I’ve always been very superstitious about jewellery and watches, always having a feeling that some jewellery gave me good luck and sometimes, when I wear certain pieces of jewellery, everything seems to go wrong.

With this in mind, I wanted to create a collection of watches that compliment peoples feelings towards Jewellery, your beliefs and your superstitions.'

With Britain being steeped in so many historical traditions my inspiration turned to Stone Henge, situated by the village of Amesbury.

Although the public are limited to how close they can get to Stonehenge today, historically Stonehenge has been a place for a spiritual experience. Even up until the 80s, a huge festival was held at Stonehenge annually promoting well-being love and happiness.


British historic Stonehenge


With Stonehenge being such a magical and mysterious place, many traditions and superstitions and feeling of well-being have emerged from around the whole area. This was the perfect concept to apply to the Amesbury watch collection.

With the placement of the stones being an amazing mystery,  people also have strong beliefs that many natural stones have beneficial properties, myself included.

I had to bring this into a watch collection, so when you’re wearing a watch, you really have a feeling, it’s going to bring you a special experience.


fashion tiger eye ladies watch
With fine delicate threads of gold tones running through the warm brown, this natural stone's unique.

rose gold mesh tiger eye watch

With its warm subtle gold and brown tones, the Tiger Eye Stone dial will compliment so many outfits.


Do you have jewellery that you wear, because you feel you're always going to have a better day wearing that piece. Do you also have jewellery you wear on certain occasions because it will make you feel more glamorous.

The Amesbury collection offers and exciting selection of stones all with different benefits. Each stone offering a different property, wether calmness, happiness, love, is there a stone that could benefit your life.


I will introduce you to all the different stones and the benefits over the next couple of weeks and you can decide.


The Amesbury collection will be available in the next 2 weeks.

As with all OWL watches, this is a bespoke collection and only a limited number will be available on the first launch


Keep an eye out for more details about the Amesbury collection over the week.

'I really hope you’re as excited with this new collection as I am and Thanks for reading.'


Annette allen



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