New Straps & Bracelets

Here at O.W.L Great Britain we use some of the most beautiful leathers and high quality stainless steel mesh bracelets with our watches, in fact our leather straps are designed by us to accentuate our collections of watches, we choose some fantastic finishes and colours which are not available anywhere else. 

Like a great pair of shoes leather straps eventually will wear down so it's good to know that you can purchase a replacement strap for your O.W.L Watch. 

Due to the large collection of straps we have made over the last few years we have decided the best way to purchase the right one is to contact your O.W.L Retailer or email us directly we would be happy to help. 

All Leather Straps & Mesh Bracelets retail at £35 including postage within the UK, a small charge for postage depending on where you would like it shipped too outside of the UK will be added.