How to adjust your watch mesh strap

January 29, 2015

How to adjust a mesh strap

The Ledbury in 3 colour options and the Ascot in 3 colour combinations, all come with a Stainless Steel Mesh strap, we thought it would be really useful to show you how this strap is simply adjusted to fit your wrist. 

 rose gold mesh   small rose gold mesh watchblue ladies mesh watchladies small blue mesh watchBrown with rose gold ladies mesh watchBrown with rose gold ladies mesh watch

I chose a slider to fasten the mesh band on these collections because it is more adaptable to different size wrists and finishes the watch beautifully.


However there is a knack to adjusting the slider to fit your wrist so I’ve added some details below which I hope you’ll find helpful.


Adjusting a mesh bracelet

1/ Lay the watch down so the end of the strap is towards you


Adjust a mesh watch strap

2/ With a small metal tool, screwdriver or even a pair of tweezers, insert into the square hole on the top of the tab and angle, so the inserted end is towards the bottom of the strap. Press down on the end of the tool and the metal tab will pop up. This doesn’t need a lot of force and should pop open easily.


Adjusting a watch mesh strap

3/ The slider can then be moved up and down the strap to the position for the correct length for your wrist.


Adjusting a mesh bracelet on a watch

4/ Once in the correct position use your finger to push the tab back into position.


fitting a mesh watch strap to my wrist

5/ Please make sure it is fully closed to ensure the slider doesn’t fall off the mesh strap.  If you are finding it difficult to close there are some slight indentations on the back of the mesh and the slider may need moving very slightly so it snaps into one of these when closing. The tab should be fully closed and touching the bottom of the slider to be secure. you will hear a click once fully closed and the tab won’t be able to be opened again without the use of a tool.


All of the steps to adjust the strap does not need excess force. If you are having problems adjusting you slider feel free to call us and we can talk you through it further.

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