What accessories should I use to finish my outfit ?

January 26, 2017

What accessories should I use to finish my outfit ?

'What accessories should I use to finish my outfit ?' it's a question that isn't easily answered.

So many people have different preferences to get that perfect look, weather it be jewellery, belts, bags or watches.

Once people have their key wardrobe items for a season, its then time to decide, what are the perfect accessory that will tie in with my different outfits. Do I finish this outfit with a scarf or Jewellery ? What bag should I get to go with it ?  accessories are so key they have the ability to take a casual top for instance and make it extra ordinary with a statement necklace,


For myself, watches are an accessory that I just can't go without. I love watches and having been involved in watch design since leaving College, I am very passionate about watch styling.

A lot of people don’t wear watches for many reasons. The watch is too big, too heavy, not comfortable, but for me, I feel lost without one and all these thing are very important when designing a watch.

I also hear people say 'its not my thing' and a lot of people seem to either love watches or are just not bothered, there doesn't seem to be a middle ground.

I'm fortunate enough to have worked with some amazing people through my career to date, many have said they are surprised at what can actually be designed into a watch and what ideas can make it really special.

I believe in todays world, watches are very exciting. For may years, the watch market was dominated by global watch companies that made hundreds of thousands of watches for other brands. This made the watches available in the shops, a bit stagnant and boring. To get a watch that was really unique, required spending allot of money !

It also meant that fashion and trends of watches was determined by large global companies and one style would appear across many different watch brands.

Today though things are a lot more exciting. There are many watch brands coming to market, designed and developed by independent people who have an entrepreneurial flair. Helped by crowd funding, people, who sometimes have never been involved in the watch industry are deigning watch collections and bringing them to market.

With brands such as MVMT, Daniel Wellington, Olivia Burton, Clues and many more, there has never been so much choice for new watches.







With more people having access to social media, being able to share there experiences and images, there is a lot of exciting new brands emerging.

This is resulting in a much more varied selection of watches for us to choose from. Wether your budget will stretch to a high end unique Swiss piece or a low price fast fashion watch, there is a huge amount of brands to shop from globally and the opportunity to get something that's just right for you has never been better.

Here at OWL we pride ourselves on having the expertise in making fantastic quality watches which are not only unique to us but come with bespoke leather straps the best quality plating and beautifully designed packaging all reassuringly guaranteed for a period of 24 months from purchase.

I also love that we are able to offer watches that genuinely do finish your outfit with something different and not mainstream. Whether it's the, brogue detailing on our straps, the metal shoulder tabs or the buckle features, there is something special to fit with the rest of your wardrobe.



If you wear a watch on its own or you stack it up with other bracelets or friendship bands, a watch can finish an outfit and make you feel really special and that's how we want you to feel.


Working in the Watch & Jewellery Industry I'm lucky enough to attend some fantastic evenings out and sometimes a simple rose gold watch on a rose gold mesh can look amazing with a beautiful evening dress.


I also love the fact I can go out with friends and team up a t-shirt with a statement necklace and a black and gold stratford watch for a more striking everyday look.




I hope you find my Blog on this of interest and I'd love to hear your thoughts on the subject but above all, I hope you can see that watches deserve a place in your wardrobe just as much as the scarves hats bags & Jewellery do.


founder of OWL watches

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